Truck Pre Purchase Inspection

truck pre purchase inspection

Truck Pre Purchase Inspection: What, Where, Why & How?

Thinking about getting a new truck hey? Well, damn we can all agree that’s going to be a big investment, right? Trucks don’t come cheap…

And fixing trucks doesn’t come cheap either. So, if you are buying a new truck you need to ensure that you are not buying someone else’s problem. That’s just going to leave you with an even bigger bill in a few months time.

This is exactly where a truck pre purchase inspection comes in hand. They can literally save you thousands of dollars… As a truck driver, you need a secure and stable truck to be able to carry you hundreds of kms. 

Especially in Australia, where the country is so big so driving takes a while. If you are buying a new truck then we’d certainly advise getting a highly trained, fully qualified truck pre purchase inspector to look over things before. 

If you are ready to buy a truck and need someone to look over it, don’t hesitate to book in with us here

We use fully qualified examiners who are approved by the Queensland government. We are on you side and we want the best outcome for you. Don’t end up buying a lemon and get a bill longer than your arm in repairs.

Get ahead of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about truck pre purchase inspections.

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pre purchase inspection for a large truck

What Is A Truck Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase truck inspection is a comprehensive inspection conducted by an expert auto mechanic and highly trained approved examiner. It will give you valuable information in the form of a report which covers the quality, performance, value, and safety of a vehicle you are looking to potentially buy.

Inside this written or digital report, you will get pictures, explanations, detailed summaries and even a chance to talk to the examiner and get their opinion on the new truck you are looking to buy. You can either be present at the inspection or you can leave it up to the experts and let us give you the rundown. 

In simple terms, a truck pre purchase inspections allows you to properly know whether or not the truck you’re looking at is worth buying. They’re incredibly important –  after all, nobody wants to take a new truck off the block only for it to fall to bits in a few weeks time… 😆

Pre purchase truck inspections are especially important for those who aren’t ‘car people’.

Unless you work regularly with trucks, it’s likely you’ll miss faults that aren’t so obvious to the untrained eye.

a pre purchase truck examiner carrying out a truck pre purchase inspection

What’s Included In A Truck Pre Purchase Inspection?

The following will be included in the pre purchase inspection of a truck:

  • A detailed report covering all the findings, this may be provided to you in physical form or digitally
  • Clear photographs of all the important areas of the truck, including the vehicle’s engine bay, interior, exterior and tyres.
  • The results of a test drive conducted by the inspector
  • A comment for each component individually tested on the truck
  • A overall summary of the vehicle
  • Digital computer diagnostic system report
  • The opportunity to converse directly with the inspector in case of any questions you may have
  • A PPSR report detailing anything suspicious. This will give you credible information regarding any write-offs, security, finance/insurance or if the truck has been stolen.

Our team will always ensure that you get all your requests listened to and answered during the inspection. Our professionals will take onboard your unique buying criteria, and offer personalised, 1-1 guidance. This can be done through a phone call or scheduled meeting.

Why Are Truck Pre-Purchase Inspections Important?

Of course the question comes for many people. Why are truck pre purchase inspections important. Firstly, we can all agree that trucks are a massive investment. This means you’re going to be spending a serious amount of your hard cash on this new truck. 

Secondly, this truck is going to be doing long hard km’s. This means you are going to need it to be reliable without costing you a fortune in breaking down. There is absolutely nothing worse than being on a time schedule, and breaking down. 

Pre-purchase truck inspections can prevent this from happening. They can clearly educate you on which areas on the truck might be due to fail in the next 6 months or so. This lets you know what you’re in for and if the truck is worth the asking price. 

Believe us, you don’t want to buy a truck and start your shift and all of a sudden it breaks down and costs you a shed load of money to fix up.

Who Will Carry Out The Truck Pre Purchase Inspection?

When you book a truck pre purchase inspection, you’ll have a qualified inspector carry out the work. This will be someone who knows EXACTLY what to look at in a truck to ensure its quality, safety and value. 

The inspector will take a comprehensive look at the vehicle and provide you with a report detailing the truck’s condition. Our pre purchase truck inspectors are trained and Queensland government approved examiners. 

This means they know exactly what to look for… This is like having a best friend who is a truck mechanic come and look over the vehicle with you. Our inspectors are on your side, therefore we want to get the best outcome for you. 

You will get full visibility over the condition of the truck because the examiners will be honest and there to help you. If you like, you can be present at the inspection and ask any questions. If you don’t have time, you can even call the inspector after and have a chat.

full trained examiners carrying out a pre purchase truck inspection

Where Can You Get A Pre Purchase Inspection For Your Truck?

Where you get a pre purchase inspection is just as important as actually getting it in the first place. If something is missed, it could cost you big down the line.

  • Always find a reputable company you can trust. Look for teams who are established and have social media profiles with good reviews.
  • Look for the correct qualifications and even have a chat with the inspectors before to get an idea of their experience. 
  • Beware of independent inspectors or mechanics who are charging a very cheap price. They usually offer this cheap price to entice you in, then suggest things are wrong but they can fix it for you. 

The main thing is to choose a qualified inspector or a very reputable company. This way you can’t really go wrong. The same applies for the seller, using a reputable company will carry much more trust compared to others. 

A known name or brand is much better and more trustworthy over a smaller, unknown mechanic who could be seen as a friend or something.

How Long Does A Truck Pre-Purchase Inspection Take?

A truck pre purchase inspection usually takes between 45 mins to 1.5 hours. There are a few variables here, including the age of the truck (newer is quicker). Another factor would be the size of the truck, with bigger vehicles obviously taking a bit longer to survey.

Our team strives to finish the inspection in a timely manner, you’ll also have the option to be absent from the inspection if you have other commitments.

Age of the truck

Any trucks that are newer will take less time. This is because technology has become more advanced to last longer, become stronger and more safe as well. Older trucks on the other hand will take longer because there are more components and more areas that might need fixing or replacing. 

One thing worth noting with newer trucks in the computer system. A pre purchase truck inspection will go through the computer diagnostics to ensure all your electronic systems are working.

Depends on size of truck

Of course the bigger the truck, the more area we need to cover. This means it might take longer to inspect for big trucks compared to smaller trucks. We can get through things pretty quickly but we always want to ensure that nothing is missed.

Can take anywhere between 45 mins to 1.5 hours

On average, we can carry out a truck inspection in around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Again, you can present here or you can leave your trust in us that we will report back with all of the info. 

Are Pre Purchase Truck Inspections Worth It?

There are many benefits to getting a pre-purchase inspection on the truck you are looking to buy. Considering trucks are extremely expensive, a minor inspection cost could literally save you thousands. 

These days it’s really hard to tell exactly how the truck has been driven by the previous owner, if it was cared for or maintained well or if the previous owner had just thrashed it to get to where they needed to go. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that getting a pre purchase inspection for your truck would be wise. Not only that, but even for sellers it can help massively. It can put confidence into buyers knowing exactly what they are getting. This can help sell your truck quicker. 

Trucks are a massive cost, so don’t end up buying a lemon. If you’re unsure then just get a truck pre purchase inspection as it could save you thousands.

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