Why You Should PPI Before You Buy! 3 Benefits of Having a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Are you considering purchasing a second-hand vehicle? Before you do, it would be a smart move to consider a Pre-Purchase inspection (also referred to as a PPI). While a PPI may initially appear as an added expense, investing in a comprehensive inspection can provide numerous advantages in the long run.

Sellers are legally obligated to provide a roadworthy aka Safety Certificate before selling a pre-owned vehicle. While a safety certificate verifies that the vehicle meets minimum safety standards, they do not unveil all potential issues. On the other hand, a Pre-Purchase Inspection offers a more comprehensive assessment of the vehicle’s condition, ensuring you acquire a safe and reliable vehicle. So, keep reading as we reveal five benefits of having a Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted before you commit to a sale.

1. A PPI Brings Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than driving off with your ‘new’ used car, only to encounter hidden issues later on. However, with a PPI, you can avoid unnecessary problems by having issues and potential future concerns brought to your attention. Whether it refers to identifying engine malfunctions, suspension irregularities, or concealed corrosion, a PPI ensures you’re fully informed about the vehicle’s condition before finalising the purchase. By enlisting the expertise of an ASAP Roadworthys qualified inspector to meticulously examine the vehicle, you’ll attain peace of mind if you’re making a smart investment or not.

2. Save Money with a PPI

One of the most significant advantages of a Pre-Purchase Inspection is the potential for cost savings. From deteriorated brakes to transmission complications, a PPI can uncover issues that may not be immediately apparent during a test drive. By addressing these concerns before purchasing the vehicle, you can negotiate a more favourable price or opt out of a detrimental deal altogether. While it might seem like an additional expense initially, identifying hidden issues early on can prevent you from incurring substantial repair costs later down the line.

3. Negotiating Power

After a Pre-Purchase Inspection is conducted, you’ll have a detailed report to arm you with findings and gradings. This gives you valuable negotiating leverage when discussing the final price with the seller. If the inspection reveals issues not previously mentioned with the vehicle, you can utilise this information to negotiate a lower price or request that the seller rectify the problems before concluding the sale. In certain instances, the seller may be amenable to covering the cost of repairs or extending a discount to facilitate the transaction. Ultimately, a Pre-Purchase Inspection empowers you to negotiate on your own terms.

If you are not buying a car in person, such as when you are interstate, then a Pre-Purchase Inspection is a strongly recommended. In addition, you’ll want to book a qualified mechanic or inspector, so you will have accurate insights into the vehicle’s condition, as well as insights and recommendations.


In conclusion, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is an indispensable step when buying a pre-owned vehicle. From bringing peace of mind to saving in the long-term from avoiding potential mechanical expenses, the benefits of a PPI far outweigh the initial investment. By prioritising a comprehensive inspection, you can sidestep unforeseen complications and feel reassured knowing that you’re securing the optimal value for your money. So, remember ~ Before you buy, get a PPI!

At ASAP Roadworthys, our team of qualified and highly trained mechanics and approved examiners are equipped to perform thorough inspections on vehicles, including Pre-Purchase Inspections. With our expertise, we can provide unbiased and experienced opinions on the condition of the vehicle that you’re considering purchasing. A PPI from ASAP Roadworthys can give you the assurance you need before making a significant investment in a used vehicle.

Book your PPI today with the expert team at ASAP Roadworthys! Use the online booking form to get a price and schedule your inspection with your preferred time and date.

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