Which Vehicles Should Have a Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspection?

When it comes to Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI), many assume they’re only for cars with dubious histories, but this isn’t the case. In fact, they’re available for a variety of vehicles; from motorcycles to heavy trucks.

What Is the Benefit of a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Completely different from a safety certificate, a pre-purchase inspection is a comprehensive inspection/report of a vehicle’s quality, safety and performance conducted by a qualified mobile mechanic. While a safety certificate confirms basic safety standards, it does not guarantee the absence of underlying mechanical, structural, or cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, not every seller is honest, so buying a vehicle can be a risk. 

By investing in a Pre-Purchase Inspection, potential buyers can uncover hidden problems early on and address them before finalising the purchase. This can prevent costly repairs or safety hazards down the road, ultimately saving buyers time, money, and stress.

In addition, a pre-purchase inspection gives buyers leverage in negotiations. Armed with comprehensive inspection findings, buyers can negotiate a better price or request that the seller address any identified issues before completing the sale, leading to significant cost savings or a more favourable deal.

A pre-purchase inspection can potentially save buyers from unexpected expenses and future headaches. Simply put: A pre-purchase inspection determines if the vehicle you have interest in, is a wise investment.

What Vehicles Are Eligible for a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Road Vehicles

Road Vehicles up to and including 4.5t GVM, including:
• Passenger Cars
• Electric Vehicles
• Utes
• 4WDs
• Ute Based Motor-homes
• Vans
• Camper Vans


The category of motorcycles encompasses various types, such as:
• Mopeds
• Scooters
• Trikes
• Motorbikes
• Street Bikes
• Touring Bikes
• Off-road Bikes


Both Light Trailers and Heavy Trailers, encompassing:
• Box Trailers
• Flat Tray Trailers
• Camper Trailers
• Car Trailers
• Boat Trailers
• Dog Trailers
• Pig Trailers
• Special Purpose Trailers (No extra load)
Note: Light is up to and including 3.5t ATM. Heavy is over 3.5t ATM up to 10t ATM.


Including Light as well as Heavy Caravans. And of course if you have a caravan or so, you might need a gas certificate before you purchase this. We also provide pre-inspections for vehicles of a similar nature, such as:
• Motorhomes
• Recreation Vehicles
• Camper Vans

Light and Heavy Trucks

Light Trucks (up to 4.5t GVM) as well as Heavy Trucks (over 4.5t GVM up to and including 16t GVM)
• Flat Trays (Flat Beds)
• Tippers
• Pantechnicons
• Concrete Trucks
• Concrete Mixers
• Motorhomes
• Special purpose vehicles (No extra load)
• Water Trucks
• Fire Trucks
• Refrigerated Box Trucks
• Prime Movers
• Also Heavy vehicles 16T and over

PPI Exceptions

So, what can’y you get a pre-purchase inspection for? Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions where ASAP Roadworthy’s team is unable to conduct pre-purchase inspections. This includes:
• Boats
• Jetskis
• Forklifts
• Golf Carts
• Classic Vehicles (contact our team to discuss if your vehicle qualifies)


Investing in a pre-purchase inspection is a proactive step that can save buyers from unexpected expenses, future headaches, and ultimately ensure a smoother and more satisfying purchasing experience.

In summary, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is a crucial measure when purchasing a used vehicle. It not only provides peace of mind but also prevents potential long-term mechanical costs. Avoid unexpected issues and ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment. At ASAP Roadworthys, our team of qualified mechanics and government approved examiners provide unbiased and experienced opinions on the condition of the vehicle that you’re considering purchasing.

Book your Pre-Purchase Inspection today with the expert team at ASAP Roadworthys! Our Queensland Government Approved Examiners provide quality examinations to your preferred location, home, or work, 7-days a week. Use our online booking form to get a price and schedule an inspection with your preferred time and date.

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