Can I Renew My NSW Rego with a QLD Roadworthy Safety Certificate?

To renew your registration for a car or light vehicle in New South Wales, you typically require an eSafety check, commonly known as a “Pink Slip”. However, Transport for NSW has specific requirements regarding interstate inspection reports. If you are situated more than 50 kilometres away from the New South Wales border, Transport for NSW will accept an inspection report from an authorised inspection station (AIS).

Can you use a QLD Roadworthy Safety Certificate to renew your NSW registration?

Yes, it is possible, but keep in mind:

  • Instead of obtaining a Pink Slip (eSafety check), you’ll need a Roadworthy Safety Certificate issued in Queensland. Transport for NSW will acknowledge this certificate for registration renewal if you reside more than 50 kilometres from the New South Wales border.
  • However, if your NSW registration has expired, you will need to return to New South Wales and obtain a Blue Slip, in addition to a Pink Slip.

What sets apart a QLD Roadworthy from a NSW Pink Slip?

The primary distinction between a Pink Slip and a Roadworthy lies in the specific criteria mandated by the Transport Departments in each state. Below, we have listed four of the key contrasts:


Pink Slip / eSafety Check (NSW): Required for renewing the registration of vehicles older than a specified age, typically exceeding five years.

Roadworthy / Safety Certificate (QLD): Necessary for selling a registered vehicle or transferring ownership, as well as certain registration procedures.

Inspection Coverage:

Pink Slip / eSafety Check (NSW): Concentrates on confirming fundamental safety standards like lights, tires, brakes, suspension, and other essential elements.

Roadworthy / Safety Certificate (QLD): Encompasses similar safety aspects but may extend to additional examinations such as exhaust emissions, body condition, windshield and windows, chassis and frame, and any supplementary safety features or modifications.

Regulatory Framework:

NSW’s Pink Slip / eSafety Check adheres to regulations established by the Department of Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

QLD’s Roadworthy / Safety Certificate adheres to specific requirements outlined by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Duration of Validity:

Pink Slip / eSafety Check (NSW): Typically remains valid for one year from the inspection date.

Roadworthy / Safety Certificate (QLD): Holds validity for a shorter period, usually lasting only two months or 2,000 kilometres from the inspection date, whichever occurs first.

Note: Each safety certificate is single-use only. A new safety certificate is necessary for each ownership transfer.

Can You Transfer Your NSW Rego in Queensland?

Yes! Transferring your vehicle registration in Queensland comprises three simple steps:

  1. Start by ensuring you have valid compulsory third-party insurance (CTP insurance) that permits driving the vehicle for registration transfer purposes. This insurance can either be your existing interstate CTP Insurance or one obtained locally.
  2. Then, schedule a roadworthy safety certificate inspection with ASAP Roadworthys. Our service offers the convenience of coming to your location, eliminating the need to visit an assessment centre.
  3. Finally, after obtaining a roadworthy certificate, visit a Department of Transport and Main Roads centre in-person with all necessary documents to finalise the registration transfer.

If you’re in need of a roadworthy safety certificate inspection, contact ASAP Roadworthys – your trusted AIS Approved Examiner. ASAP Roadworthys offer convenient mobile inspection services, saving you valuable time and stress! Simply use the online booking form to schedule an inspection at your preferred time and date.

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