How a Safety Check Brings Peace of Mind These Holidays


Save yourself from stress – avoid unexpected costs, breakdowns or accidents, and don’t wait until just before going away to do a Safety Check! Our fully qualified team of professional inspectors can check AND certify your vehicles.


In the run-up to the holidays, we can easily be distracted by thoughts of vacation or time spent with the family. At this time of gift-giving, motorists can often make the mistake of skimping on vehicle maintenance: You may need new brakes or tires, but waiting until the New Year could result in you being stranded on the side of the road, or worse. Because ASAP Roadworthys comes to you, we make ensuring the safety of your vehicle convenient, and simple – and always at a fair price!


Car – Caravan – Motorbike – Trailer – When did you last have your safety components checked?

Whether you’re driving a car, caravan, motorbike, or trailer, it’s crucial to have your safety components checked regularly. Avoid the stress of unexpected breakdowns or accidents by scheduling a comprehensive roadworthy safety check with our fully qualified team of professional inspectors. Our services cover a range of essential components, including tyres, suspension, brakes, electrics, and more.

We also offer vehicle diagnostics, repairs, and servicing as required, ensuring your vehicle is in top condition for your holiday travels. At ASAP Roadworthys, we’re committed to making vehicle maintenance convenient and hassle-free.


When did you last get a GAS Safety Check? IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE:

In addition to standard safety checks, we also provide gas safety inspections to identify any potential leaks or faults in your appliances and gas lines; ensuring that your appliances and gas lines have no leaks, faults or other possible issues.

Don’t overlook this critical aspect of vehicle safety – it could save your life on the road. Our team are fully qualified and licensed GAS inspectors, conducting full and thorough safety inspections.


Looking to BUY or SELL a vehicle? Protect yourself and fast-track that sale with a PRE-PURCHASE inspection!

Planning to buy or sell a vehicle? Protect yourself and expedite the process with a pre-purchase inspection from ASAP Roadworthys. Our detailed inspection reports provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers, helping to streamline negotiations and ensure the integrity of the vehicle. We also specialise in providing comprehensive pre-purchase inspections, compiling detailed, 15-30 page inspection reports, complete with checks and photos.

Aside from ensuring the integrity of the vehicle, and potentially waiving any costly negotiation for both parties, this can also provide the ‘wow-factor’ to close the sale, reassuring potential customers that they’ll not be stuck with a lemon. See for yourself just how simple it is:

Save Time, and Money, with ASAP Roadworthys!

Our dedicated team stands ready to address all your road safety needs, from Safety Certificates to Pre-Purchase Inspections, HVRAS, Gas Certificates, and more! With an exceptional track record boasting over 350+ five-star Google reviews, ASAP Roadworthys has firmly established itself as a leader in providing exceptional service. 

Ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones is our top priority, underscoring the importance of regular safety checks for your vehicle. These checks not only prevent potential breakdowns but also mitigate the risk of being stranded on the road. By entrusting ASAP Roadworthys with your vehicle’s safety, you can enjoy peace of mind, free from worry or inconvenience. Whether it’s a routine inspection or addressing specific concerns, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and ensuring your journey remains smooth and trouble-free. 

Trust in our expertise and commitment to provide unparalleled road safety every time you hit the road. Founded by a local road user driven by a personal tragedy, ASAP Roadworthys is deeply committed to preventing accidents caused by unsafe vehicles. Our mission is to ensure all vehicles are roadworthy, preventing harm to road users. We understand the urgency of vehicle safety, which is why we operate on an “ASAP” basis, providing thorough inspections at your convenience, whether at home or work. Count on us for honesty, transparency, and expert guidance every step of the way.

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