NEW COI: Do You Know the 3 Types of COI’s Now Available?

A COI, also known as a Certificate of Inspection, is a document issued by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) after a vehicle has been inspected to confirm it meets essential safety standards.

With the increase in the number of vehicles requiring an annual certificate of inspection, the Department of Transport and Main Roads has approved the outsourcing of COIs to Approved Inspection Stations (AIS), such as ASAP Roadworthys.

Additionally, with the rising popularity of rideshare services, there has been a consistent uptick in the demand for COIs for light personalised transport vehicles. Consequently, the TMR has taken steps to subcategorise the Certificate of Inspection. This decision on their behalf, aims to streamline the process and alleviate confusion since a COI is most commonly associated with trucks and other heavy vehicles.

1. COI Light Vehicle (CL)

CL, or Light Vehicle COI, is a new inspection type and applies to light vehicles (4.5t GVM or less) used for personalised transport services, such as taxis, limousines, and vehicles for booked hire services like Uber.

2. COI Heavy Trailer (HT)

HT, or Heavy Trailer COI, is a certificate of inspection category tailored for caravans and trailers exceeding 4.5 tonnes ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) up to and including 10 tonnes ATM, as well as unregistered caravans and trailers surpassing 10 tonnes ATM.

3. COI Heavy Vehicle (HV)

HV, or Heavy Vehicle COI, is an essential inspection certification for Motor vehicles over 4.5t GVM up to and including 16t GVM, as well as unregistered motor vehicles over 16t GVM.

When is a COI Required?

A COI is typically required for vehicles under various circumstances, including:

Registration Renewal: Owners of registered vehicles often need to obtain a current certificate of inspection to renew their vehicle registration.

Initial Registration: When registering a vehicle for the first time, it may be necessary to obtain a certificate of inspection to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Change of Ownership: In some cases, transferring vehicle ownership may require obtaining a new certificate of inspection.

Periodic Inspections: Certain vehicles, especially heavy vehicles and those used for commercial purposes, may require periodic inspections to maintain roadworthiness and safety standards.

Special Circumstances: Depending on specific regulations and exemptions, vehicles may require certificate of inspection’s under special circumstances, such as changes in vehicle use or modifications.

A COI is typically valid for 12 months from the date of issue. However, there are exceptions, such as certificate of inspection’s issued for Heavy Primary Production Vehicles with registration concessions, which may be valid for two years after the concession is applied. In general, vehicle owners must renew their certificate of inspections annually to ensure continued compliance with safety standards and regulatory obligations. However, certain vehicles, such as those involved in heavy commercial operations or specialized industries, may require more frequent inspections to maintain roadworthiness and safety.

When is a Certificate of Inspection Not Required?

Certain types of vehicles may qualify for an exemption from the requirement to obtain a Certificate of Inspection under specific conditions. These exemptions are granted to certain vehicles or situations where compliance with the standard certificate of inspection requirements is deemed unnecessary or impractical. Common scenarios where COI exemptions may apply include:

New Vehicles:

Newly registered vehicles are often exempt from requiring a COI during the first year after registration. However, this exemption typically does not apply if the vehicle registration is transferred to another individual or has been previously registered elsewhere.

Accreditation Scheme Vehicles:

Vehicles participating in maintenance modules of accreditation schemes, such as the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS), may be eligible for COI exemptions. However, certificate of inspection’s may still be required when selling the vehicle, unless the buyer is also part of the accreditation scheme.

Special Interest Vehicles:

Vehicles registered under special interest vehicle registration concessions may be exempt from COI requirements. However, if the vehicle is transferred to a new owner, a certificate of inspection must be provided by the current registered operator to the new owner.

Remote Area Vehicles:

Vehicles exclusively used within exempt areas, such as specific shires or territories, may qualify for COI exemptions. However, if the vehicle travels outside these areas or requires an inspection, the exemption may no longer apply.

It’s important to note that certificate of inspection exemptions are subject to specific conditions and eligibility criteria. Vehicle owners should verify their eligibility for exemptions with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Booking Your COI

If you need a COI, regardless of the class, then ASAP Roadworthys can help! Operating 7 days a week, our mobile service will come to your home, work, or preferred location. Our team of experienced mechanics and Approved Examiners are qualified to provide trusted examinations on a range of vehicles across South East Queensland.

If you’re in need of a certificate of inspection, no matter the class, ASAP Roadworthys is here to assist! We operate 7 days a week, offering a mobile service that can come to your home, workplace, or any location convenient for you. Our team consists of skilled mechanics and Approved Examiners who are proficient in conducting reliable examinations for various vehicles throughout South East Queensland.

Book your COI today with the expert team at ASAP Roadworthys! Use our online booking form to get a price and schedule an inspection with your preferred time and date.

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